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Earth Quake
The Earthquake :
  • September 30, 1993 at 3.56 am.
  • 6.4 on RICHTER scale, 3 aftershocks on the same day.
  • Epicentre near Killari, Dist. Latur.
abc The Damage :
  • Extensive damage to life and property.
  • 7,928 people killed
  • 16,000 people injured
  • 15,854 livestock killed.
  • 52 villages raised to ground, 27,000 houses all amenities and infrastructure damaged.
  • 30,000 houses collapsed 2,11,000 houses in 13 districts suffered damages of varying degree.
The devastation was so severe that majority members from some families died as seen above    
The Rehabilitation :-
  • The life in the affected villages was paralysed.
  • Donor agencies and social organisations carried out extensive rescue and relief operations.
  • The Gove. and social organisations contributed their best to bring the life to normal. First aid, food, water, clothing, medical aid were timely provided. The Govt. had taken up a very ambitious programme for the rehabilitation of all the affected persons with the help of financial institutions like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Donor Agencies, Central Govt. etc. The same has been completed and the rehabilitation work has been completed to the satisfaction of the people. The programme included various aspects of development also.
The disposal of dead bodies of human beings & cattle was a stupendous task. Method of community burial was adopted in many villages
The damage
  • The earthquake struck at 3.56 Hrs. on 30-9-1993 with epicentre at Killari Dist. Latur.
  • The intensity of earthquake was 6.4 on the Richter Scale.
  • 3,670 people died in Latur District.
  • 446 were seriously injured making them handicapped.
  • 37 Villages were totally collapsed.
  • 728 villages suffered damages of varying degree.
  • Nearly 1,27,000 familites were affected
The villages were a look of total devastation as 52 villages were totally raised to ground
A photograph showing wide scale devastation of houses
abc   Rescue and Relief :
  • Many persons were rescued alive by the Armed Forces.
  • Dead bodies trapped under the debries were taken out and disposed on war footing.
  • First Aid and Medical Aid was provided in time and on a wast scale with the help of Health Machinery & Social Organisations.
  • Gratuitons Relief to the tune of Rs. 13.15 Crores was provided to the next of Kiu of the affected families.
Senior Officers inspecting the relief work
  • The Handicapped persons were provided financial assistance to the tune of Rs. 46.55 lakhs.
  • Temporary sheds were immediately provided for the affected people.
  • Food, Clothing, Utensils, Medical Aid was received from within the country and abroad
Housing and Infrastructure :-
  • The Govt. has formulated detailed Rehabilitation Policy within 6 months of the incidence and a huge programme of Rehabilitation of damaged villages was taken up with the help of World Bank and Donor Agencies.
  • The new village sites were selected after varifying the suitability in the light of information available through the technique of 'Remote Sensing'.
  • Initially the villagers provided land required for Rehabilitation willingly.
  • The work of acquisition of land was done on war footings. The Govt. took decision to give 30% amount over and above the present market value in shape of compensation so that people can make consent awards.
House constructed by Govt
  • In all 769 Hectares of land has been acquired for Rehabilitation and an amount of Rs. 43.63 crores has been distributed by way of compensation to land owners.
  • The layous were prepared in consultation with the people. The advise of the Town Planner has also been taken into account.
  • 1/3 rd space in the layouts has been reserved for afforestation. One who is resident of the damaged village and who is recorded as a owner of house as per village property register or one who is recorded as independent head of family in 1991 census or one who has a Ration Card in his name and a panchanama has been done in his name stating that his house has been damaged has been considered to be entitled for getting a house in the new gaothan.
  • While deciding the entitlement regard being had to the land holding of individual.
  • Those residents who owned agricultural land admeasuring 7 hectares and above have been provided a plot of 5000 sq.ft. area and constructed house on that plot with 750 sq.ft. carpet area in the new village.
  • Those residents who owned land between 1 hectare to 7 hectares have been provided plot of 2500 sq.ft. size and constructed house on that plot with 400 sq. ft. carpet area.
  • Those residents who owned land less than 1 hectare or are landless have been provided plot of 1575 sq.ft size and constructed house on that plot with 250 sq.ft. carpet area.
  • Those villages where the damage is more than 70 % but the soil strata below is hard BC soil is less than 2 mt. deep were found to be fit for reconstruction on the same site. The residents there were provided Rs. 62000/- grant for reconstruction by himself and the technical assistance was provided by the Govt.
  • A vast programme for repairs and strengthening of houses which suffered varying degrees of damages was taken up in 749 villages.
  • Taking into consideration the extent of damage the house owner was provided a grant of Rs.17000 for minor damage and Rs. 34,500/- for major damage to repair and strength his house with technical assistance provided by the Govt. 1,03,240 beneficiaries have completed the work of R & S of their houses by using earthquake resistant technique.
  • The various techniques used in construction of houses are as follows.
    • Precast Technique
    • In-Situ RCC Construction
    • Geodesic Dome
    • R.C.C. Framed Structure
    • Load Bearing Structure
    • In-Situ Construction
    • Retrofeiting of Existing Structure
Civil Ammenities
  • 258 amenity buildings have been constructed in 27 'A' category villages consisting of Gram Panchayat Office, Primary School, Hospital, Veternary Aid Centre, Resource Centre, Society Godown, Sloughter House, Kondwada, Talathi Office, Gramsevak Residence, Library, Old Age Home, Community Centre, Secondary School, Gymnasium, Womens Centre, Anganwadi, Shopping Complex, etc. All the ammenity buildings have been handed over to respective departments, village Panchayat, etc
  • The civic ammenity buildings in 'B' & 'C' category villages have been retrofeited using earthquake resistanct technique.
    Basic ammenities like roads, street lights, water supply schemes, drainage, etc. have been made available in all the rehabilated villages.
  • Model houses and Amenity Buildings have been constructed using earthquake resistant techniques in many villages so as to demonstrate the technique.
Economic Rehabilatation
  • 299 beneficiaries have been provided cattle for the cattle lost in earthquake.
  • 1,26,132 agricultural implements have been provided to the farmers who lost agricultural implements in the earthquake.
  • 571 village artisons have been provided tool kits for starting their vocations afresh.
  • Loans of traders whose shops have collapsed in the earthquake have been paid by the Govt.
  • 'Swawlamban Nidhi' to the tune of 2.50 of revolving nature has been set up by Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal for providing loans to viable 'Bachat Gats' so as to encourage the saving among women.
  • 243 Agricultural wells of the farmers which were damaged in the earthquake have been repaire

. abc

Social Rehabilatation
  • The earthquake widows and ex-servicemen, destitute children have been provided house of 250 sq.ft carpet area even if they are not entitled for the same.
  • The donor agency 'Red Cross' have constructed 3 Rural Hospitals of 27 beds each, 2 PHC's and 11 health sub-centres in the earthquake affected area
Social Foresty
  • With a view to maintain the balance of environment afforstation work has been taken up on a large scale comprising of road side plantation, cortyard plantation and block plantation.
  • Block plantation in 39.95 hectares area has been done and 1,72,818 seedlings have been planted. In road side plantation programme 27065 seedlings have been planted. 27000 seedlings have been distributed to the beneficiaries for cortyard.
  • A extensive awareness creation programme was taken up in all the 'A' category villages with the help of one social organisation in one village coordinated by Nari Prabodhan Manch and BAIF as nodal agencies
District disaster managment program :
  • A unified programme of disaster management was undertaken by Govt. of Maharashtra as a part of Maharashtra Emergency Earthquake Rehabilitation Programme. Disaster Management Programme comprises of Preparedness of the Disaster Management Organisation Response of Disaster Administration and Social organisations, Awareness creation about Disaster Management, Education & Training, etc.
  • The District Disaster Management Plan of Latur District has been prepared in consultation with the State Consultant. The plan covers three aspects.
    • Data Base
    • Risk assessment and vulnerability analysis
    • Response Plan
  • Direct link has been established between the District Control Room established in the Collectorate and the Emergency Operations Centre in the Mantralaya through Satellite. A V.H.F. network for internal communication with the Tahsils in the district has been set up. Disaster Management Information System has also been commissioned in the D.C.R


Advanced Communication Technology
  • A well equiped District Control Room has been setup in the Collectorate having V-SAT- Network so as to establish direct contact with the State Capital, Divisional Head Quarter and other District Head Quarters. There is 'Videoconferencing' facility provided in the D.C.R. alongwith SAT phones for important Heads of Depts and E-Mail facility within the V-SAT Network.
  • A V.H.F. network comprising of Base Stations at all Tahsil H.Q.'s Mobile Stations in the vehicles of Collector, Addl-Collector, two SDOs, ten Tahsildars with 4 hand sets one each for Collector, Addl-Collector, and two SDOs.
Disaster Manegment Information system ( DMIS ):
  • A database of all the vital information in the district has been complied and kept in the computer. With the help of software developed by the MRSAC taluka and district maps showing required vital information on the map can be made available with several permutations and combinations by superimposing available vital data.
  • This Information System helps the Administration in forecasting the probable disasters situations and also taking decisions regarding response activities of the administration.
  • The system is also useful in taking important policy decisions for in the implementation of development programmes.
Training and Awareness :
  • Taking up of large scale training programmes is invisaged in this programme. This programme is designed for officers at different levels, office bearers of social organisations and local self Govt. The help of Yashada, Pune is being taken in this programme.
  • District Disaster Management Action plan of Latur District has been prepared so as to avoid or minimise the damage due to Disasters like floods, earthquake, hailstorm, epidemics, road accidents, etc.
  • Advanced equipments have been installed in the district control room at the collectorate for effective communication.
  • Seismic observatory has been set up at Latur.
  • The upgradation of the Metrological Observatory setup has been carried out at Latur.
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